Finally: Get a personalized eating plan so you can achieve your goals ... 

Build your body (your greatest asset!) with the right meals ... Don't leave it to chance and waste any more time guessing what to eat when you could know what is right for you.

Let me guess...


Most golfers understand the importance of nutrition but don't know how to break through all the noise and confusion about how much to eat or whether to eat low carb, low fat, keto, intermittent or whatever the "latest thing" so you give in to what's easiest. 

You are not alone! There is so much misinformation out there and too many decisions to make at the store, restaurant and every darn time you are hungry! That's at least 3 times a day .... or 1000+ times a year!

Plus you may have noticed body composition changes that have skewed toward less muscle or a bigger waistline. And most don't realize how much stress all these decisions and confusion add to your life plus the impending realization that you're not getting more fit despite working out and trying to "eat healthy."  

Some of you might not be confused or might not be on the diet roller coaster. You might be doing pretty well but you have some EPIC goals you have yet to achieve. So, if your goals are not achieved yet, then you need to make a change!

This nutrition guide is the rock-solid plan you need that's simple,
sustainable and easy to use.

Real Life Happens...
Does This Look Familiar?

Do you experience STRESS when making food decisions at restaurants, the grocery store, standing in front of your pantry and fridge? All those DECISIONS can create FATIGUE and a greater likelihood you'll just grab the easy option which may or may not work for you.

Wouldn't it be great to have an easy and simple food plan and eliminate all the guesswork?

You can no longer ignore the downward spiral of muscle loss and fat gain despite trying to "eat pretty good". You might even know some about what works for you but you need the full plan to get your athletic body back.

Wouldn't it be amazing to know the right portions of each type of food; carbs, fats and proteins, that work for your activity level and goals?

You are either stuck in a rut, eating the same meals week after week or you just grab whatever you find that's easy or cheap. You don't have the time to navigate all the nutrition mis-information. No one does!

Isn't it great that you can get your ideal plan that suits your eating preferences AND gives you the amounts, types of foods and plenty of other ideas that also work?

You realize your declining energy and recovery are not going to fix themselves and you must do something now. Inflammation, aches and rising health numbers may eventually lead to disease. Plus, you've noticed you can't "stay in the game" quite as long or play quite as often as you want.

When you get the right balance of macronutrients then you'll feel less inflamed, be less bloated and have the drive and energy to get back in the game.

Hi, I'm Pam Owens

I’m Pam Owens, owner of Pam Owens Fitness, Fitness Director at Royal Oaks Country Club in Houston, and I work with golfers and other athletes who want to be their best.  

  • Named two times to GOLF DIGEST Top 50 Golf Trainers
  • One of the first Kinstretch instructors in the world
  • 1st TPI-FP Level 3 Instructor in Texas
  • Certified PN2 nutrition coach

I know how frustrating food choices can be. Especially when there is so much mis-information out there about food! Well, you need to know what works for YOU not someone else.

Years go by and you have injuries and aches, longer recovery times AND a bigger waistline and less muscle. But believing you can stay where you are and try to figure it out on your own is a mistake. Rigid food plans and random eating do not work.

Thankfully, I offer the PERSONALIZED NUTRITION GUIDE that is "personalized" for your lifestyle, your goals, your eating preferences and your activity level. 

With you implement this best eating plan, you will see a dramatic difference in your energy, feel more focus and stamina and take 100% control of your meals. You'll be moving closer to achieving the body you always wanted!

Introducing your

To achieve the performance you need, the body you'll love plus deep health for years!

This 17-page detailed customized report is designed to help you take control of your food choices in simple yet strategic ways that work for your lifestyle naturally and easily without counting calories, weighing foods or spending hours thinking about it.

 When you use your macro & portion guide, you'll discover how to choose the best foods per meal and per day, which will allow you to eat the right balance of food for more energy, weight loss, muscle support and health perhaps for the first time in your life! 


#1: Macros, Portions & Calories

You will love the detail! Your report, based on sound nutrition research and information from Precision Nutrition's years of coaching, includes all of this super easy-to-understand information:

  • Macro recommendations per day & per meal
  • Portions for each macro/type of food per meal & per day
  • Estimated calories per day
  • Meal ideas based on your dietary preferences
  • Food lists for each macro; protein, carbs, veggies, fat
  • Tailored to your activity level or energy output

With the graphics, charts and visuals, you will know exactly what to eat so you can shop, plan, order and eat the right foods for you.

#2: Meal Preference & Eating Style

We'll make sure your plan is based on your preferences. Your guide considers these important customizable factors:

  • Your Dietary Preference: balanced, vegetarian, vegan, Mediterranean, Paleo, Ketogenic, Low Fat or Low Carb
  • Your preferred number of meals per day
  • Your Ultimate Goals: weight loss, muscle gain, body recomposition, athletic performance or improve health
  • And if you choose weight loss or muscle gain, then I can help you set your target date based on what works with your lifestyle

#3: Meal Ideas & Tracking

Using your portions and macros will be way easier with these additional resources included in your guide:

  • 6 meal ideas based on your specific portions and macros
  • Meal tracking options without counting calories or weighing food!
  • Daily Portion Tracking Sheet to track daily and weekly consistency

The #1 reason golfers gain weight or don't eat according to their goals is due to not realizing what they actually consume. You'll have all the resources you need to realize progress this time.

#4: Prioritized Foods & Progress

Nobody eats perfectly and never will. Using your consistency tracker and these other great resources you'll be able to identify how to get un-stuck and make better food choices:

  • Charts of foods in all four macros: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vegetables
  • 3 food lists for each macro to know which foods to "eat more", "eat some" and "eat less"
  • Strategies to make adjustments to further progress
  • Understanding realistic expectations plus what to check if you plateau or are not making progress fast enough

You'll gain confidence knowing you are building long term health as you gain energy and improve body composition.

#5: Private Coaching Call

With your private coaching call, we'll discuss all aspects of the guide to cover:

  • Your goals, your eating preferences and activity levels and make sure it matches with your lifestyle and makes sense for you
  • You'll be able to make adjustments to your answers during our call so I can generate the best, most accurate plan for you
  • You may ask any questions you have about the guide and how to use it to it's fullest
  • we’ll put it all together during this call so you have confidence to move forward

You'll now know how to confidently make healthier and logical choices plus you'll see why your previous eating missed the mark. You'll now enjoy meal time plus have the confidence and proficiency to make tasty and wise choices in all circumstances!

Your CUSTOMIZED NUTRITION GUIDE won't just "happen" without a congruent home environment where your best foods are readily available! So I created...


Valued at $95


Make a fresh start! Cultivate an environment that supports your goals in order to completely and easily implement your CUSTOMIZED NUTRITION GUIDE. So with your customized nutrition guide AND this bonus -- CLEAR THE CLUTTER PANTRY GUIDE, you can now make a fresh start using my successful system to clean out then restock your pantry, fridge and whole kitchen quickly and easily. This bonus includes these two components:

  • Part 1: KITCHEN MAKEOVER QUESTIONNAIRE is designed to create awareness of how the food around you influences how much and what you eat. Find out how much of a makeover your kitchen needs!
  • Part 2: KITCHEN CLEAN OUT WEBINAR provides your master plan and all the steps to finally clear the clutter at home that is setting you up for poor food choices, confusion and stress. You can now streamline your food choices to ensure you reach your goals. 


Grab it now for $199. This helpful, potentially life-saving, stress-relieving PERSONALIZED NUTRITION GUIDE, PRIVATE COACHING CALL plus my CLEAR THE CLUTTER PANTRY GUIDE will help you gain control of your food and meals that have been holding you back from the body you want!



WHO? PERSONALIZED NUTRITION GUIDE is for you if you want to perform better, get healthier, improve your body composition or not let your body become a victim to convenient unhealthy status quo eating.

This guide is for you if you want to take control of your weight, ensure muscle support for performance, improve your meals and food choices. So let's get started right away!

WHERE? During our private online coaching session we'll fine tune your macros and portions. We'll also cover any questions you may have about how to use the guide and understand foods and macros. 

WHEN? You'll receive the initial questionnaire within minutes of your purchase. Using your responses, I will construct your guide and send it to you within 48 hours. We can then meet online within days to finalize your guide.

If you can't complete all steps right away, no sweat! You have 60 days from your purchase date to complete the questions & coaching call plus use the CLEAR THE CLUTTER BONUS.

SUCCESS STORIES from my clients

Eliminated Energy Dips on Back 9...

UTSA Alum, Canada

"After breaking down our extensive ShotLink data we noticed a recurring loss of focus in the middle of the back nine. We attributed this to poor nutrition. With Pam’s expertise we were able to identify the proper snacks and when to consume them.  Pam helps ensure I have the mental and physical edge needed to compete against the world’s best golfers from the 1st tee to the 18th green."

With Pam's help, Roger Sloan dialed in his on course performance with better breakfasts, more frequent snacks during competition and they made sure he had the right balance of food/drink on the course to control mental fatigue that comes with the high pressures of PGATour competitive golf.

Elimination of Back Pain, More Consistency & Distance!

"Working with Pam on nutrition & fitness has been a major transformation for my health. So far I have lost 22 pounds and 12 inches but the best part is the elimination of back pain while gaining consistency and distance in my golf game!"

Chuck Carr, Avid Golfer and Scientist

Keeps Energy Up Throughout Round...

"Pam's nutrition advice helps me keep my energy up through the round. I am a picky eater and we came up with great healthier ideas to improve my stamina."

Heather Shake, Pro Golfer and SHSU Alum

Walking Long Distances Easier, Fitness A Reality...

"Walking long distances became way easier with better nutrition and health. While I still have progress to make I believe I have turned the corner and have transformed my body and mind so that physical fitness has become a reality in my life rather than just a dream.

Great 7.6 mile Big Bend hike with family! Because of workout gains & nutrition I handled it like a 
champ even with heavy pack! Program is working great."

Mark Clark, Trial Attorney, Avid Golfing Family & Outdoor Enthusiast


I want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase and confident that you made the right decision.  

Let's be honest you'll get results when you take action. The webinar, guides and resources teach information that requires action steps to get results. If you purchase this program and believe I have not delivered what I promise then I will refund your program fee! (See Terms & Conditions.)


Grab your guide now for this amazing program designed to help you gain control of food and meal choices that are holding your body back so you can become who you deserve to be.

How Do I Know the GUIDE Is Right For Me?

If you can say YES to any of the points below, I'm confident to say you're ready to dive into the guide and start making better choices now.

  • You've asked yourself, "If I work so hard to eat healthy then why don't I reach my goals?" 
  • You want to enjoy meals instead of living in stress, regret and frustration. 
  • You're tired of the energy dips, inflammation and poor recovery that's holding you back.
  • You know you can reach your awesome goals and you're not going to settle anymore for anything less. 
  • You're REALLY ready to find out how your current eating is sabatoging your recovery, health and golf. 
  • You're ready to get more competitive NOW instead of waiting to see what happens or try other random food tips and diet tricks. 
  • You're ready to push through your hesitancy to discover what it's like to have more control, a great plan for better health, stamina, recovery and know you are doing all you can!



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